Let us build or re-build a plan for you

Pension Works is a Third Party Administration firm providing comprehensive services to Qualified Retirement Plan sponsors.

We custom-tailor retirement programs which work together with existing employee benefit packages.

Our goal is to provide a total framework and a detailed blueprint to construct and run your plan from A to Z.

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Feature One
Each year, Pension Works prepares an annual plan report which serves as a record of all plan activity.  This report compiles ALL relevant information into a comprehensive, easy to understand format, suitable for use during an IRS or Dept. of Labor inquiry…
Feature 2
IRS annually publishes qualified plan dollar limits so that sponsors and advisors can properly test and (if necessary), curtail plan activity under applicable regulations.
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Pension Works provides each client with a Service Agreement.  This simple document outlines the responsibilities and expectations of each party.  It is reproduced here for your review.

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